Do It My Way…Or Else

Couldn’t help but notice that the scolds at Greenpeace have once again committed a hissy fit to paper in the form of their “Clicking Clean Report for 2017” that reaffirms their position that, when it comes to energy usage, data centers really suck. Of course, they haven’t attempted to quantify the impact of many data center operators and providers efforts to improve their energy efficiency since they aren’t doing it the way Greenpeace wants them to and balance is the enemy of partisanship. Apparently, this has become an annual thing, maybe they time it to coincide with a major fund-raising campaign like they do on PBS only without the free tote bags and coffee mugs. Naturally, my curiosity got the best of me—it was a slow day–so I gave it the old once over. Upon concluding my perusal, a few thoughts came immediately to mind, and, because I couldn’t think […]

Take Me to Your Leader

Does anyone remember crop circles? For those of you who don’t, crop circles were these large elaborate geometric configurations that would mysteriously appear overnight in large grain fields across the globe. Turns out that the whole thing was started by two guys, with way too much time on their hands, who thought it might be fun to go out into someone’s cornfield in the dead of night with a fifth of Jameson’s, a two by four and some rope to trample the stalks into an interesting design. Since no one seemed to be able to catch the perpetrators, and their many imitators, in the act, speculation as to their origin naturally ensued. Although a number of theories were put forward, popular consensus coalesced around the idea that aliens were the true culprits. While it stretched the imagination to believe that superior beings would fly a billion miles just to etch […]

A Bad Rap

It’s sad to say, but some people, and things, just can’t get out from under the negative connotations of a past action or two. In popular parlance, we refer to this as “having a bad rep”. Think about it, plenty of people have pit bulls for instance, but a few of them go off the reservation, eat a toddler or two—“Chomper was always such a nice dog”—and suddenly people won’t let their Pekinese play with them at the dog park. Clowns are also victims of this “guilt by association” character assassination. All that these fright-wigged purveyors of mirth want is to make people laugh, but then a few kids are traumatized at a back yard birthday party and the next thing you know you’re making balloon animals at senior citizens’ homes while the residents gum down their creamed corn. I think, that as recent events in Lithuania demonstrate, the Russians […]

A Look Into the Future

It’s rumored that the great prognosticator, Nostradamus, once said, “Predicting the rise of Hitler and 9/11 is easy, figuring out what the wife wants for Christmas, now that’s hard. Woe be to the man who doesn’t save his receipts”. Now that the holiday season is over, I think we can all agree with that one. For those of you who were just positive that the Mrs. wanted that mixer instead of those diamond earrings, there’s always next year. And isn’t that really the beauty of predictions? No matter how wrong we are, there’s always another chance for us to redeem ourselves. For those of you who eschewed the earrings for the deluxe model, with all the attachments, in the color that matched the cabinets, I would suggest that this year’s holiday prediction be something along the lines of “new car”. It’s got a high success rate and, let’s face it, […]

Tally Up the Score

One of the things that has always bugged me about those prediction columns that you always see at the beginning of the year is that no one ever writes one at the end of the 365 calendar days to tell you how accurate they were. Any industry analyst can do that. If people are going to have trust in your visions of the future, shouldn’t they know what you got right—and wrong. Kind of like your personal prognostication batting average. So, in the interest of full disclosure, here are my January predictions and a summary of what actually happened in 2016.

One or more of the following: Google, Apple, Facebook or Microsoft will build a data center roughly the size of a small planet.

Okay, I didn’t exactly hit this one on the head. While Facebook’s Ft. Worth behemoth is in under construction, by build I meant a completed facility. Also, Microsoft […]

Nothing New Under the Sun

From the history wasn’t invented yesterday file… If you’re like me, when you watch some movie, or show, about life on the American frontier your mind tends to drift to some of the underlying questions that these celluloid portrayals seem to gloss over. These perplexities range from the general: due to the lack of accessible bathing facilities, couldn’t the bad guys smell the posse coming from about a mile away? And, did Pa Ingell’s own more than one shirt, pair of pants and shoes? To the more specific: in a world of horse dominated transportation, how come no one seems overly concerned about watching where they step? And, last but not least, how did these people brush their teeth? Perhaps the most vexing of all components of these unexplained elements of manifest destiny is how did the erstwhile respondent to the siren’s call of “go west young man” erect, literally, […]

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