Nothing New Under the Sun

From the history wasn’t invented yesterday file… If you’re like me, when you watch some movie, or show, about life on the American frontier your mind tends to drift to some of the underlying questions that these celluloid portrayals seem to gloss over. These perplexities range from the general: due to the lack of accessible bathing facilities, couldn’t the bad guys smell the posse coming from about a mile away? And, did Pa Ingell’s own more than one shirt, pair of pants and shoes? To the more specific: in a world of horse dominated transportation, how come no one seems overly concerned about watching where they step? And, last but not least, how did these people brush their teeth? Perhaps the most vexing of all components of these unexplained elements of manifest destiny is how did the erstwhile respondent to the siren’s call of “go west young man” erect, literally, […]

Debbie Downer and the Data Center Industry

Here’s a little existential question to start out your day, “Is it really that hard to be happy?” Now for those of you who are impressed by my linkage of the philosophy of guys like Sartre and our business, let me say, “thanks, I try” but let’s get down to the business at hand. I recently read an article dedicated to the proposition that data center power is “out of control”. After my first thought—“Gee, this guy must be fun at parties”—I began to wonder why he felt the need to cloak the silver lining that is the continued growth of the data center industry in his own personal black cloud.

Maybe some folks just can’t stand prosperity, or live their lives with, as H.L. Mencken once said, “The haunting fear that someone, somewhere may be happy”. Certainly, the data center industry continues to grow. IDC forecasts that the volume of […]

Who Reaps the Whirlwind?

“For they sow the wind and reap the whirlwind”
                                                                        –Hosea 8:7
One of the beauties of the Bible, no matter your faith, is that its words lay bare the foibles of humanity. Our myriad imperfections and hypocrisies provide the context for the lessons included within its pages. The words found in Hosea advise us to be cautious in what we do and say for there will be consequences. A contemporary example of this adage that we can all understand might be, “If you don’t vote, the person you didn’t want to win just might”. Fortunately, the biblical admonishment was more personal in nature. You do something nasty and something bad is going to happen to you. A direct kind of cause and effect type of relationship if you will. However, in terms of data centers and wind power, the whole reaping and sowing thing just might be a little out of […]

The Final Frontier

From our earliest beginnings we have been fascinated by Space. The ancients knew it was important and spent 100’s of years debating things like the origins of the stars and whether the sun revolved around the Earth. H.G. Welles told us that there were other beings out there and “no, they didn’t come in peace”. Although it only stayed in space for 3 months, the Russian’s launch of Sputnik in 1957 totally freaked out the United States and four years later President Kennedy challenged us to get to the moon before the end of the decade—and we did it. Now, of course, we spend $4 trillion a year to get bupkis in return and, according to the news nowadays, everybody, including a large number of our own citizens, hates us so maybe it’s a good time to start looking toward the stars again. Fortunately, the data center industry has already […]

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

On the street where I grew up, the Adkins lived three doors down from me. Only three years separated the oldest brother, Dave, from the youngest, Chuck—with Ron squeezed in between. In the polite vernacular of the time, the brothers were universally defined as “rambunctious”. This didn’t mean that the Adkins boys were destined to be future wards of the state, they just always took things up a notch. When everyone else played “war” the weapon of choice was dirt clods, or maybe, depending on the season, old apples that had fallen from a neighbor’s tree. The Adkins played with rocks. Indoor activities were not limited to more pastoral activities like board games, since the brothers felt that anytime was the right time for a rousing game of tackle football, full contact hockey or, if they were feeling more subdued, basketball. From the time they woke up in the morning […]

The 5 Rules for Developing a Successful Data Center Standard

Don’t we all agree that less is more? Einstein certainly thought so when he attempted to develop a “unified theory’ that could explain the world of physics. Tolkein embraced the concept when he came up with the idea of “one ring to rule them all”, and performers like Beyonce, Madonna and Cher obviously subscribe to the maxim by requiring us to remember only one name instead of two. Even in the data center business there are those that would like to see a reduction in the number of standards we use to compare and contrast, benchmark and certify our facilities and their performance. In fact, I recently read about an organization that is attempting to develop a single standard to enable companies to assess the performance of their IT infrastructure. This is an ambitious goal, but like I always say, “If you’re going to dream, dream big”. I wish these […]

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