Just How Smart Does a City Need to Be?

“The search for Nirvana, like the search for Utopia or the end of history or the classless society, is ultimately a futile and dangerous one. It involves, if it does not necessitate, the sleep of reason. There is no escape from anxiety and struggle.”
–Christopher Hitchens

I’ve been thinking a lot about this whole concept of “Smart Cities” lately. It’s not that there weren’t alternatives for contemplation, but since I’ve never been harassed by Harvey Weinstein, culturally appropriated anything that I know of or watched even one episode of Game of Thrones, I guess “Smart Cities” kind of won by default. This whole concept of Smart Cities seems to revolve around their projected degree of intelligence as opposed to their less intelligent counterparts. I’m not sure how this is all going to be determined. Perhaps they’ll grade on a curve. Anyway, from the literature that I’ve read, there’s a whole lot of […]

Is DCIM the Norma Desmond of Management Software?

I love old movies, and one of my favorites is Sunset Boulevard. Gloria Swanson plays Norma Desmond, a silent movie star whose brief period of fame went the way of the dinosaur with the on-set of “talkies”. Let me briefly summarize, after her career hits the skids she holes up in this huge gothic mansion with Erich Von Stroheim, a monkey and ultimately, William Holden. All of them help maintain her delusion of stardom and aid her in an effort to make a comeback. Let’s just say this all doesn’t end well. I was reminded of this 1950 classic after reading an article in DCK that asserted DCIM Software May Be Superseded Before it Gains Mass Acceptance.

Since 2010, DCIM has spent an inordinate amount of time in the data center industry spotlight. Its potential seemed to be limitless. The ability to manage your facility with a greater degree of precision […]

Hope for the Hermit Kingdom

If your knowledge of current events extends beyond that that Miley Cyrus is the latest to sing in carpool karaoke with James Corden, then you’re probably aware that we seem to be having a little kerfuffle with North Korea. Just to bring everyone up to speed, the boys in Pyongyang have decided that they want to start punching above their weight by firing off a series of ICBM’s just to let everyone know that “we could hit the west coast, you know, if we really wanted to”. Certainly, that would be annoying, but recently our intelligence services have determined that they now might have the capability to pop a nuclear warhead into one of those things, a prospect that has more than a few people on edge. You can knock off your generals with howitzers and have your own half-brother killed in broad daylight—after all everyone needs a hobby–but the […]

Off Target

You never know where your competition is going to come from these days. I think it all started when major retailers decided they wanted to broaden the scope of their offerings to consumers. The lines, over where to go to get what, started to blur. Do I want to go to Walmart to pick up some underwear and a package of hot dogs; should I buy that big screen at Best Buy or is it more convenient to get delivered; 50 rolls of toilet paper and some meat at Costco; or, of course, the biggest conundrum of all—what in the heck do they sell at those Tuesday Morning stores? I like choice and convenience, so imagine how excited I was to read the news about Amazon—the guys who let you buy anything from your La-Z-Boy to a defibrillator—purchasing Whole Foods. Who doesn’t like the ability to buy War and Peace, […]


We’re all familiar with phrase “lost in translation”. Since words in one language may not have direct equivalents, or even mean something entirely different, in another, they sometimes have undesirable connotations for their intended audience. For example, in some Asian countries Kentucky Fried Chicken’s “Finger Lickin’ Good” slogan translated into “Eat your fingers off” which was a bit of a barrier to successful market entry, and you probably won’t find Puff’s tissues on drugstore shelves the next time you visit Germany since the term is a colloquialism for a house of ill-repute. If this has some of you wondering about those Chinese characters that you had tattooed on your arm, my advice would be to avoid wearing sleeveless shirts next time you’re in downtown Beijing. The converse of these incidences of international misunderstandings, are words and phrases that maybe do a better job of expressing something than our own […]

Coming or Going?

My wife likes to read People Magazine, and I’ll confess I’m not immune to sneaking a peak every now and then—who doesn’t want to know why Ben and Jen finally decided to go through with the divorce? Over time, I’ve noticed a pattern in the magazine’s editorial content. Normally, the big feature teased on the magazine’s cover is about the life altering event that some “star” has just experienced or overcome. Although they never address the really big issues, like how does Kim Kardashian make it through the average day with an IQ that doesn’t reach room temperature, there’s usually enough turmoil in the lives of the rich and famous to keep things fresh and topical. Periodically, however, there’s a lull in the action and they need to offer up a topic that they know their readers are always interested in, which, in this case, is weight loss stories. Nothing […]

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