About Us

Rapid advances in technology are creating new opportunities for business. The ability for companies to maximize these new capabilities has created a need for a new type of data center company. A company that is nimble enough to adapt to new customer requirements to deliver customizable solutions that operate from the core to the edge with the ability to be located anywhere they are required. We’ve built Compass to be that company.

The Company

Compass Datacenters, was created to address opportunities within the data center ecosystem. The company’s ownership, Ontario Teachers Pension Plan, Redbird Capital Partners and management, has dedicated significant capital to build an industry leading platform company in data centers.
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Compass is led by a team of professionals with extensive experience in designing, building and operating data centers.
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Giving Back

One of our core beliefs at Compass is that we have a responsibility to help improve the lives of those who are less fortunate than us and to be an active and positive force within our community. We believe that these goals are best achieved through the voluntary contributions of our time and financial assistance. We have selected the following organizations to be the focus of our efforts.
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