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Customer Acceptable Use Policy


The following policies regulate activities at the Compass Datacenters (Compass) facilities. These rules are intended to ensure the safety and security of individuals and equipment at the Compass facilities. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in the expulsion of individuals from the Compass facilities and could result in the declaration of default by Compass for the Customer and the termination of the Customer contract. Appropriate response to violations of these rules shall be solely within the discretion of Compass. Compass reserves the right to update, modify or amend these rules, as necessary.

The Customer Acceptable Use Policy (cAUP) is updated from time to time. When the cAUP is updated notification will be sent to all customers. Comments, feedback or clarification questions can be directed to support@compassdatacenters.com

A. General Guidelines

  1. Customers and Customer vendors shall conduct themselves in a courteous professional manner while visiting the Compass facilities. Customers shall refrain from using any profanity or offensive language.
  2. Customers may not engage in activity that may or will interfere with the service of another user, host or network.
  3. Customers may not engage in the distribution of software, programs or messages that may cause damage or annoyance to persons, data, and/or computer systems.
  4. Compass is not responsible for any loss, damage or theft of vehicle or the contents thereof, while located within Compass premises.
  5. Customers must cooperate and obey all reasonable requests of Compass facilities personnel while within the Compass premises, including immediately addressing any violations of rules when brought to Customer’s attention.
  6. Customer cabling must not obstruct airflow/ventilation/AC or access to power strips.
  7. Blanking panels inside cabinets are the responsibility of the Customer and must be installed.
  8. Customers may not alter in the hot aisle containment (HAC) or any related HAC features.
  9. Cabinet doors may be removed while Customer is working within the cage and must be replaced before Customer exits the Compass facilities. Doors must be placed in a safe and secure manner while not hung on cabinet.
  10. If Customer cabinets are equipped with doors, the doors must be closed when Customer is finished working on devices.
  11. Customer must not undertake any activities which may cause damage to the facility or any mechanical, electrical, networking or security infrastructure or related supporting systems.

B. Safety Guidelines

  1. Customers may not store any materials in the shared Data Hall or inside Customer racks;
  2. Customers may not store any materials in common areas (i.e. Hallways or loading dock);
  3. Smoking, drinking, and eating are strictly prohibited within the Compass facilities server room space. Smoking is expressly prohibited in all Compass buildings.
  4. Unless expressly permitted in writing by Compass, Customer may not introduce any prohibited item or material Compass considers as threatening into the data center facility. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Combustible material (i.e. Cardboard)
    • Food and drink
    • Explosives and weapons
    • Hazardous materials
    • Alcohol, illegal drugs and other intoxicants
    • Electro-magnetic devices
    • Radioactive materials
  5. Persons under 18 years of age or requiring adult supervision are not permitted within the Compass facilities without the express written permission of Compass.
  6. All Customers to the Compass facilities should wear appropriate footwear and attire.
  7. Customers are expected to be familiar with and adhere to all Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Regulation associated with work in a computer room environment.
  8. Skateboards, skates, scooters, bicycles or other types of vehicles are prohibited in the Compass facilities.
  9. Upon activation of a smoke detector or emergency alarm, all Customers (their employees and vendors) must be prepared to evacuate the building and to receive further instructions from the Compass staff.
  10. Compass reserves the right to access any part of the Compass facilities for life safety reasons.
  11. Customer cage or cabinet shall, always, be clean, neat and orderly. Customer space shall not pose any danger or hazard to customer or employees (including subcontractors) that may be requested or required to enter the cage to perform a service or to any other customers of the Compass facilities.
  12. Customer may not hang or mount anything on the cage mesh walls or cabinets unless authorized by the Compass facilities Management staff.
  13. The tops of the cabinets or ladder rack may not be used for physical storage.
  14. Unsecured cabling across aisles or on the floor is strictly prohibited. All devices must be installed in racks or cabinets. Ladder racking must support all cabling between rows.
  15. Customer may not climb onto cabinet and or scale cage walls. Customer must request Compass facilities Staff assistance when needing to access cabinet / rack tops.
  16. Customer may not make physical alternations or modifications to the space, without prior written permission from Compass.
  17. Compass facilities staff reserves the right to not move, unpack or uncrate any Customer owned equipment (racks, cabinets, racks of equipment, etc.) Greater than 150 Kgs. Customer is responsible for unpacking, uncrating, and movement of heavy equipment to the Compass facilities floor, including all associated costs.
  18. Use of customer provided power strips must be discussed and reviewed with Compass staff. Power strips must be CSA or industry approved; provide some type of over-current protection; and, must be mounted in the racks.
  19. Customers are prohibited from plugging their own power strips into Compass or customer provided power strips (daisy-chaining). This is in violation of electrical and safety codes and Compass reserves the right to demand their removal.
  20. Compass may conduct periodic power audits of Customer Space. Any violation of power limitations must be addressed immediately.
  21. Tampering with, or in any manner adversely affecting, safety or security systems within the Compass premises is strictly prohibited.

C. Security Guidelines

  1. Customer is prohibited from activity considered a precursor to attempted security violations including, but not limited to, any form of scanning, probing, or other testing or information gathering activity unless this activity is performed on the customer’s network under a prearranged testing agreement.
  2. Customer may not attempt to penetrate security measures of other systems or areas.
  3. Customer may not attempt unauthorized access including illegal, unauthorized access to, or attempt to access, other computers, accounts, networks or systems or areas.
  4. Customer may not penetrate walls or other physical security elements.
  5. Customer may not take pictures without express written consent by the Facility Manager or Security Manager.
  6. Customers may use cell phones inside the Compass facilities, in designated areas. Smartphones with camera capabilities may not be used for picture or video capture.
  7. Sharing Compass Proprietary information, without the express written permission of Compass, is strictly prohibited.
  8. Customers may not tamper with, or in any manner adversely affect, security, infrastructure monitoring, and/or safety systems within the Compass facilities.
  9. All hand-carry containers, boxes, bags, laptops, purses, backpacks, carry-on bags or equipment carried in to or out of the Compass facilities are subject to inspection by Compass staff and/or Security.
  10. Compass does not accept Mail/Post on behalf of Customers at the Compass facilities. All Mail/Post should be directed to customer’s business address. Only data center related shipments will be accepted provided Compass shipping/receiving procedures are adhered to.
  11. Customers are not allowed to add security devices without prior Compass written consent.

D. Legal Guidelines

  1. Customers must only use services supplied by the Contractor for lawful purposes.
  2. Customers may not transmit, retransmit, redirect, display, or store material in violation of any applicable laws (including rights protected by copyright, trade secret, patent or other intellectual property or similar laws or regulations), industry or community standards. This includes but is not limited to material that is; obscene, indecent, defamatory, libelous, racist, or threatening.
  3. Customers may not engage in fraudulent activities including, but not limited to, intentional misrepresentations or misleading statements, writings or activities made with the intent that the person receiving it will act upon it; obtaining services with the intent to avoid payment; and hosting of phishing websites.
  4. Customers may not sub-let or otherwise allow usage of its space to other organizations or individuals who are not explicitly named in the client’s contract or where the client does not have full legal responsibility.