Data Center Noir II – The Phase Build Scam

It had been a long week. I’d spent my days investigating a slip and fall insurance scam and my nights gathering evidence to prove what my client already knew—his wife was stepping out on him. Same old story, guy marries some gal who is way out of his league. He thinks it’s love, she sees a meal ticket, and the next thing you know the poor sap is begging me to find out where she goes when she tells him she’s “going out”. I’ve taken hundreds of these cases and they all end the same way. I tell them they don’t want to know. They never listen.

I’d just gotten back to the office and told Velma to call it a day. I tossed my hat in the corner and sat down to write up my bill for “Mr. Lovelorn”. I felt like a hundred miles of bad road, and my […]

Data Center Noir

Editors Note: Here at Compass, we take all of our gifts seriously. One of our aspiring team members has always had a hankering for all things detective story, from Dick Tracy to Phillip Marlowe. While never having the gumption to actually quit a day job and create for a living, this team member finally has a hybrid outlet: The Compass Points Blog. Now, newly equipped with Compass Points as a publisher, our team member finally has the spark, that modicum of creativity that can produce what we at Compass call, “Data Center Noir”. Our team member, whose pen name is Raze Fleur, hopes you enjoy the first of many short stories in the dark world of Data Center Noir.

It was late and I was at the dregs of my energy for the day. Velma had gone home for the evening and I was just about to lock up the office. […]

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