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College Football Bowl Picks


It’s college football bowl picks season, and even though our main topic is data centers, we can’t ignore the excitement of the upcoming games. The hosts introduce the guests joining the show for a college football preview. In this discussion, Frances joins from the Montreal office, Steve from Michigan State, and Mike from California.

The banter kicks off with lighthearted jokes about college football knowledge and alma maters. The team teases each other about team preferences and makes playful remarks about different conferences.

As various bowl games are discussed, there’s a mix of humor and analysis. Predictions are shared with reasoning for choosing one team over another. Each game gets its unique spotlight, with some personal anecdotes and comparisons thrown in.

Then, the discussion segways to games leading up to Christmas, and despite the Compass team’s technical background, there is a genuine interest in the matchups. As the team predicts winners, they showcase their passion for both data centers and football, creating an engaging blend of technical talk and sports enthusiasm.

There is conversation surrounding how certain bowl games that might lack significance and questions regarding the rationale behind their existence. Yet, predictions are still made with humor and playfulness, even for games where there is not a particular amount of interest.  

In the end, the Compass team shares their thoughts on the upcoming games, and while their banter is often light and humorous, their predictions are rooted in a deep understanding of the teams, players, and dynamics of college football.