Your Compass data center is built to last, and whether you elect to operate it with your own personnel or have us operate it for you, with our best in class staff, CompassCare™ embraces the full breadth of our operational processes and procedures. If you elect to use your own operations personnel, it provides you with all the training and information you need to operate it for years to come. Based on our experience, most data center handovers are no more than an exchange of keys. We have developed CompassCare™ to facilitate a smooth transition of your data center to your support staff and provide them with the same tools that we use to ensure that your site is capable of supporting your company’s essential applications for a generation or more.

Among the elements of CompassCare™ are:


Through the manufacturers of the key components of your Compass data center, you have access to the same video-based training offerings that we use with our own personnel to provide your team with the information they need to support and maintain your site’s major systems and components. Among the topics covered in these video sessions are:

  • BMS Operation
  • HVAC and Electrical System and Maintenance
  • Fire Alarm/Protection System Operation
  • Generator Overview and Maintenance
On-site training is also available


Since operating a data center requires more than the keys to the building, we’ve developed a comprehensive suite of documentation to provide your personnel with a detailed understanding of the key elements of your new location including:
  • Emergency Operation Procedures
  • Sequence of Operations
  • Operating for LEED
  • All equipment manuals
  • Contact information for all warranties
  • Recommended preventative maintenance schedules
  • A full compilation of all the drawings, including one lines, of your facility

Compass’ documentation addresses all elements of your data center operations.

Extended Warranties

All of the components within your Compass data center carry a one-year warranty. Should you need extended versions of these guarantees, Compass will coordinate the implementation of longer-term (one, three or five year extensions) agreements on any and all components you select.

Ongoing Changes and Upgrades

You can leverage our preferred relationships and pricing with our partners for upgrades and enhancements to the following:

  • BMS: make changes to the GUI, API or points
  • DCiM: add and integrate new applications
  • Security: enhance and expand your software or security elements
  • Power: add other distribution components for the data hall
  • HVAC: make changes to your control systems and add other functionality over time
  • Raised Floor Management: add containment options through our partners
  • Infrastructure: Racks and cable plant including design

Free Hands™ Operation

The Compass Free Hands operating package may be included with your data center. This comprehensive package of electronic operational documentation delivered through our partnership with Icarus Ops puts an encyclopedic level of information regarding your facility at your personnel’s disposal. This package also enables you to develop your own web-based checklists, providing interactive step-by-step references for your personnel to use during the performance of all site operations. Enhanced maintenance record keeping is delivered via the checklists’ ability to generate work tickets and track and time stamp activities to provide audit-friendly records while ensuring a dramatic reduction in human error. All of this information is accessible from an Android tablet and “wearables”, like Google Glass to enable complete interaction with site components without the need to remove personal protection equipment (PPE). The wearable approach ensures OSHA compliance and increasing the efficiency of your site personnel by enabling them to perform activities without the need to refer to a printed manual.


In a “wearables” environment Free Hands capability make it easier for personnel to perform routine maintenance tasks


Compass’s Free Hands™ package enables you to build your own customized checklists


Our partnership with Schneider Electric/Lee Technologies allows us to provide the management personnel required to operate your data center to our rigorous standards.