If you’re tired of sacrificing features or quality with providers’ solutions, and we know you are, then a Compass data center is the solution for you. Just take a minute to compare the capabilities we offer to the alternatives offered by colocation vendors, or modular solutions providers, and you’ll ask “why would you even consider those other guys?”
Compass DIY/BTS MTDC (Digital Realty, QTS, DuPont Fabros …) Modular
Superior Functionality and Quality
“Mix and Match” power and space capability Yes Yes Custom configurations only No
Total Site Control Yes Yes No No
>75 Personalization Options Yes Yes No No
Simultaneous Hi/Low density support Yes No No No
Pay as You Go Expansion Yes Maybe No No
Workflow Optimized Design Yes Maybe No No
Geographic Independence Yes Yes No No
Level 5 Commissioning Yes Yes Some No
Guaranteed Delivery
6 Month Delivery Guarantee Yes No No No
Aggressive Pricing and Multiple Acquisition Options
Cost Competitive in ALL markets Yes No No N/A
Multiple Acquisition Options Yes No No No