The Only Constant is ChangeThis week, Mike Foust left Digital Realty.  Wow.  It’s hard for me to picture Digital without Mike.  Over the years at Digital and its predecessor, Mike and I spent so much time together; I think that we both knew what the other was thinking.  What an incredible run Mike has had.  It’s got to be something like over 400% shareholder return since the IPO that we did back in late 2004.

Our first company meeting was in our REIT lawyers’ offices, because we didn’t have a conference room that was big enough!  To see where Digital is now as an 800-lb gorilla in the space has to be very satisfying for Mike to see.  It was quite an accomplishment to be at the helm for the journey from 0 to nearly 25,000,000 square feet worldwide!

Mike, I wish you the best.  Thanks for the many opportunities that you gave me and so many others over the years.  Have fun as you get to reflect on one of the great stories on the Internet era.  As the reins are handed to another longtime colleague and friend, Bill Stein, I am sure that things are in good hands for the next chapter.

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