Your data center needs are changing and having to house them in a shared facility in New York or Silicon Valley is no longer a practical option. Chances are your company chose your location for many good business reasons. If that is where you want your data center then that is where it should be. Every Compass dedicated data center is built using our patent pending architecture and is delivered within six months of initial ground breaking. This enables us to provide you with your own data center that features a Natural Disaster Resistant facility to provide you with a permanent solution.

Your facility will be Tier III Design and Constructed certified by the Uptime Institute to ensure that your facility delivers a standards-based level of reliability. Each Compass data center is only delivered after a fully integrated systems test (Level 5) commissioning to ensure that every system is concurrently maintainable and ready to support your critical business applications. With our product-based approach, “everything is included.” Unlike the other guys, we not only show you the one line, we have third parties prove to you that we deliver.

A Dedicated Data Center Built in Less than 6 Months

That’s not modular; that’s a building!

A Natural Disaster Resistant Solution

Your Compass dedicated data center is a permanent solution. This means that it has been hardened to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Each Compass data center is encased within a shell made up of 12” thick, steel reinforced insulated pre-cast concrete walls. An 18” multilayered roof  provides a Level 1.5 seismic importance factor (the same standard as a hospital built on the San Andreas fault) and enables it to withstand winds (including uplift) of up to 150mph (the equivalent of a Level 4 Hurricane or an EF3 Tornado). The incorporation of this hardened exterior enables you to locate your Compass data center wherever you need it, without having to design, build, and pay for a structure of your own, as is the case with many pre-fabricated data center alternatives.

 Hardened Data Center Diagram

A Versatile Design

compass-rdu-data-room-03If you’ve ever sat behind a foul pole at a baseball game you know what a pain columns can be. That’s why your 10,000 square feet of 36” raised floor is column free. At Compass, your data center floor accommodates anything from a tape library or a Cisco 7000 with side-to-side airflow to OpenCompute’s new larger rack sizes. This degree of flexibility even extends to cable management to support your preference whether its above the rack, hanging from the ceiling, or below the floor. At Compass, the only option you don’t have is to strand your IT capacity.

Speaking of your data center floor flexibility, can you control how much the software uses of the server and storage capacity? We didn’t think so. The reality of the world is that most software does not drive the full use of the server (virtualized or otherwise). As a result, it’s tough to predict what your actual usage will be from rack-to-rack. Not to mention the patch, network and storage…That’s why your Compass solution will support rack densities that cover the spectrum up to 20kW without containment (from 0 to 400 W/sf). Just imagine what you can do using ASHRAE TC 9.9 best practices including containment.

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Security Features Ian Fleming Would Admire

Compass Data Center Security
There is probably no price that you could put on the value delivered by the applications that reside within your data center. In fact, based on our experience, security is one of the top considerations for any company considering a new data center. Each Compass standalone data center includes an array of security features even James Bond’s Q would love including:

  • Multi-level authentication
  • Biometric scanners and card readers
  • Man trap
  • [/li_item]
  • Hardened security station
  • Ballistic rated level III windows
  • Ballistic shielding at the security station
  • [/li_item]
  • Digital security cameras with video recording
  • Exterior security lighting
  • Ability to integrate your security specifications