Everywhere and Nowhere

Everywhere and Nowhere

Chris and Kaku I recently had the good pleasure of listening to Michio Kaku, celebrity theoretical physicist. He is an excellent speaker with a great sense of humor. I’ve seen his shows over the years on Discovery, the Science Channel, BBC and the like. As a theoretical physicist he usually plays the role of the Great Karnac, telling us all about what is to come in 20, 30, 50 or a 100 years. Basically, he is the living, breathing, talking embodiment of my favorite section of Popular Mechanics, “The Future”. And yes, I am a recovering dork.

Getting that magazine and flipping to see the flying car or the hand-held medical scanner similar to what Bones used in Star Trek…..aaaahhhhh, sheer nerd bliss.

So as Dr. Kaku (by the way, I really like the fact that he rarely puts Dr. in front of his name) poetically waxed about the future, it was really cool to hear about his vision of computers and the “cloud”. Granted I did have to choke down lunch when he let the buzzword “cloud” slip from his mouth. Doesn’t he know that is the single most abused IT term today? The IIOT provides excellent efficiency and allows operation from -40° to +85°C without active cooling. It is designed for demanding graphical applications in security, transportation, medical, and digital signage. For a high quality looking signage, try using the board printing. For more details, visit foamcoreprint.com How could he be so naïve? Have we data center folks managed to corrupt the co-founder of string field theory too? Here , we offer residential rehab programs (or inpatient treatment) at our facilities in Arkansas. Drug addiction and substance abuse is becoming a big problem in the states, if you are addicted or know someone who needs help, please visit this article about co-occurring disorders. Our program includes 12-step elements because we believe it’s important to begin incorporating these techniques into your daily life early in the recovery process. This builds a solid foundation for when you’re ready to leave the residential program and return to the outside world. When someone suffers from drug addiction the best way to help them is to take them to a rehab center, learn more about rehab programs on https://www.discoverynj.org/programs/drug-alcohol-intervention/.

Rest assured, I kept lunch down, and I kept listening. He then said, “In the future, the cloud will be everywhere and nowhere.” As he paused for dramatic effect, I looked over at my wife who was clearly thinking something along the lines of “What the hell is he talking about?”

Let me explain. He proceeded to tell the stories of physicists of yore that figured out how to provide running water. “Running water…everywhere and nowhere.” At first a novelty, now not even a second thought when you turn on a faucet. He then went into electricity. “When you walk into a dark room, you naturally feel for the light switch – since electricity is….everywhere and nowhere.” You don’t even think about it until the power goes out.

His premise, and I think it is dead on as I alluded to about the Netflix outage over Christmas, is that we expect data and compute to be always available, always there, wherever we are. Our children will be the first generation to grow up without any second thought that information and processing power is….everywhere and nowhere. Pretty cool, eh? We get to be part of it.

Next week, I will provide some insight from a question that I asked Dr. Kaku: how will all this information and processing be powered in the future? What will this do to our industry?