What Time is it?

building a clock - Compass DatacentersSaw an article on Forbes.com discussing a survey done by Citrix asking regular folks if they knew what the “cloud” was and does it matter. Apparently only 16% of the respondents could distinguish between a cumulus nimbi and a virtual storage network although 95% were actually using the technology already. The author’s response to his question was emphatically yes for people to understand that the cloud will:

a) Revolutionize their lives
b) Change the way they work
c) Insert your standard hyperbole here
d) All of the above.

My response, throw some water on yourself big guy. Sometimes we forget that what is huge for us within the industry is a nice convenience for the end user. Most folks just want things to work without having to invest the time required to read the instruction manual–think back to all the old VCR’s that permanently featured a flashing 12:00 but still played the video on Friday night. Let’s remember that when someone asks us for the time most of them don’t care how we built the clock.