Your data center. Where you want it. Compass makes this possible via the combination of extensive site selection and development experience. These capabilities work in concert with our patented solution to deliver your data center in six (6) months from a pad ready site.

Our Two Newest Locations


Compass DFW

Located in Allen, Texas our 6 acre campus supports 10.8MW of IT load.

Want to know the specs of our Dallas campus? Click below.

Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia

Our new 103 acre Northern Virginia campus is located in western Loudoun county and offers 60MW of IT load day one.

Want to know the specs of our Northern Virginia Campus? Click Below.

Simple Site Select

Selecting the right location for your data center, and the corresponding development, including activities like obtaining the required local permits and approvals, can be time consuming and expensive. This isn’t the case with Compass. Our three-pronged Simple Site Selection strategy provides you with a variety of options to quickly identify and secure the right site for your facility. Among the options available to you are:
  • Build your data center in one of our existing multi-site locations. These sites are pre-platted and are ready for construction to begin immediately. These locations are indicated by the blue pins on the map below.
  • Choose a location from one of the many areas where we have pre-identified one or more sites for data center development that are called out by the green pins on the map below.
  • Allow Compass to purchase one of the locations that we have identified in emerging markets with the help of local civic and real estate professionals that are indicated by the orange pins on the map below.
  • Provide due diligence on your preferred locations.

As always, if your desired location isn’t found as part of one of these three options, Compass will find the optimal site for your desired location based on your specific requirements. By doing the important selection and development work up-front, Compass ensures the fastest possible delivery of your new data center facility without the cost and time normally required if you elected to do it yourself.

Existing Compass Campus

Pre-Identified for Quick Acquisition

Permitting and Site Design On-Going