As everyone knows, power is one of the largest on-going operational costs. The Compass data center solution has been designed to specifically address this issue. Leveraging indirect air-to-air side economization, your Compass solution is able to achieve PUE levels below 1.3 in most markets regardless of your IT load. Unlike conventional solutions in which optimal levels of site performance are tied tightly to your rate of utilization and a specific geography, the Compass solution enables you to substantially cut your monthly power costs at usage levels as low as 25%. This level of certainty also enables you to accurately forecast, budget, and, for service providers, know the margin of your site’s power.

Reducing Costs Through an Efficient Design

Minimum Load, Maximum Performance Calculator
See how our Minimum Load, Maximum Performance Architecture flattens the PUE curve to provide you with an unparalleled degree of cost predictability by using our PUE calculator. Using the pulldown menus, select your desired market, desired data center size, IT floor environment, and your estimated power pricing. Upon submitting your selections, the calculator will demonstrate the power of a flattened PUE curve by displaying the following information:

  • Estimated annualized average PUE based on IT load.
  • Your estimated annual power costs and the PUE at load levels ranging from 25% to 100%.
PUE Calculator Gen 2 Search

Note on $ per kw/h: National average is $0.07 kw/h, but go ahead and use your own kw/h value. Sample: 0.04 or 0.13