The Data Center is the Module

Modular Data Center - Compass Pod
Does it seem like every data center comes in a small box or has more columns than the Parthenon? With Compass the answer is no. The CompassPod is the basic building block of a Compass dedicated data center and has been designed to embrace the latest innovations in technology and data center design. As a result, each Pod features its own dedicated MEP infrastructure, a traditional raised floor environment within a hardened facility to enable you to easily expand your data center by adding new fully Level 5 commissioned CompassPods as you need them with no disruption to your business.

A Versatile Building Block

Each CompassPod features 1.2 MW of power to support rack densities up to 20kW without containment for you or your customers and 10,000 square feet of column free 36” raised floor space. We’ve developed this column free approach to increase your rack layout flexibility and to provide improved revenue streams for service providers through maximized cabinet layouts and enhanced product offerings.

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Column Free Raised Floor

We’ve Flattened the PUE Curve

We build every CompassPod to LEED Gold standards for enhanced sustainability and our “Minimum Load, Maximum Performance Architecture™” leverages outside air economization and very large VFD fans to provide you PUE levels that would normally require a full 100% load at utilization rates as low as 25%. By flattening the PUE curve Compass reduces your on-going power costs and also provides you low PUE levels at 25% load rather than at 100% load with other data centers.

Our PUE curve, The Other Guy’s PUE Curve

Minimum Load, Maximum Performance Calculator

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Planning Tip

Running your data center at 90-100% of your IT capacity can have serious repercussions for your business. You need room to support unforeseen events like new applications and business acquisitions. This means that operating your data center at partial load must be incorporated into your operational planning.

Did You Know

Contrary to popular belief, free air cooling can be used in virtually any US location. Of course Santa Clara has 8760 hours of free cooling hours per year but did you know that Houston has as many as 3666? Compass solutions take advantage of controls to synchronize each rooftop air handler. The key benefit to you is both lower PUE and utility costs.