Patented Design. Factory Built. Delivered on Schedule.

Each CompassPowerCenter (patent pending) is factory built prior to its on-site delivery to support our 180-day-from-pad-site-to-commissioned-data-center delivery schedule. The hardened steel structure PowerCenter permanently attached to the CompassStructure is ADA compliant (unlike those pesky shipping containers) and features a 2N power train structure coupled with a packaged N+1 mechanical design to provide the concurrently maintainable operational capability defined by the Uptime Institute’s Tier III standard you need to maximize your uptime.

Take a Look at a PowerCenter

Compass PowerCenters Exterior View
CompassPowerCenters Exterior View 2
CompassPowerCenters Switchgear
CompassPowerCenter UPS System

Did You Know

Compass uses our unique cross-tie functionality to continue to provide two sources of power to your servers even if you are performing maintenance on the electrical system. This elegant solution eliminates the need to completely shut down one side of your power system during maintenance and the need for complex STS-based PDUs.