A Hardened Shell

Each CompassPod is housed within the hardened shell of a CompassStructure. Built to Miami-Dade County standards to resist winds of up to 150 mph and a 1.5 seismic importance factor, the resilience of the CompassStructure provides you with a permanent solution and enables you to locate your Compass standalone data center wherever you need it to be.

The hardened CompassStructure provides you with geographic flexibility

Building Block Construction

See how CompassConnect simplifies data center expansion
Having to perform expansion construction within your existing building is a risky venture for you, and more than a little disconcerting for any customers you may be supporting. These uncomfortable issues are vanquished in the CompassStructure. Built-in fiber conduit and service corridor connectivity support our CompassConnect™ methodology that simplifies and de-risks expanding your data center by eliminating the need for in-building construction. This unique design also enables you to add additional CompassPods as needed to support operational growth for dedicated customers or applications without having to pay for shell space capacity that ordinarily would be reserved for expansion.

Designed for Comprehensive Connectivity

Each CompassStructure is carrier neutral and features two connectivity paths into, and diverse paths throughout, the facility. The module includes a generator backed primary POP room along with a diverse entrance, passive counterpart. You have complete control over your telecom environment including the manholes outside. Including these features within each CompassStructure module simplifies your ability to add connectivity as you grow.