Prediction TimeAs the old song goes, “Fish got to swim, birds got to fly”. I have no idea what the next line is but, as you can infer by the lyrics some things just naturally happen, and since it’s January of a new year that means that it’s prediction time. Not that this particularly excites me, or probably most of you for that matter, but meditations on what we might see over the next 12 months are kind of de rigueur in the post holiday season, so who am I to buck convention?

Having done this type of thing for a while now, I’ve found that there are a few ways that you can go when offering up you insights into the future direction of the industry. A number of folks prefer the optimistic approach. This is very understandable, since it combines a sense of wonderment and possibility with a bit of the mystical to detail the vast potential of innovation about to be unleashed in the coming 12 months. Others prefer to go the opposite route with a more of an apocalyptic theme. These predictions are usually characterized by some thinly veiled threat that amounts to “do or adopt this…or else”. I don’t know how influential this technique is but at least we know were these guys stand on an issue. The third most commonly employed technique, and one used by a quite a few analysts out there (you know who you are), is to pull out the list from last year, brush up the language a bit and republish. This methodology was pioneered by the shampoo industry—wash, rinse and repeat—and if its good enough for consumer packaged goods, then darn it, it’s good enough for the guy your company is paying big money to be your industry Sherpa.

I, myself, like to use more of a mixed bag approach when making my prognostications. It keeps things lively, the reader engaged and tends to deflect the focus from the predictions themselves since I’m just winging it anyway. With that being said, here are my thoughts on the potential events of 2015:

  • Data center cooling will be a fundamental issue—Yeah, I know that this seems pretty mundane, but recent changes in server design have the possibility by cutting your effective cooling capacity by up to 50%, and if that doesn’t get your attention you might want to think about career alternatives. Honestly, does apocalyptic get any better than that?
  • There will be a massive security breach at not one, but two public cloud providers—No one wants it to happen, but isn’t this the nagging little concern in the back of everyone’s mind? And after all, there are obviously some North Koreans out there with more than a little spare time on their hands.
  • OpenStack will get boring—Actually I got this one from somebody else’s predictions, but since I’m already tired of hearing about it, I figure I’m not alone. Oh yeah, and there will probably be a really clever hook in the code that some malevolent SOB put in as a backdoor. Honestly people, can’t we all just get along?
  • People will stop saying mega data center “or” edge data center and start saying mega data center “and” edge data center. Unlike some would have you believe it’s not an either or proposition.
  • The Cowboys will win the Super Bowl. The Mavericks will win the NBA championship. The Stars will win the Stanley Cup and the Rangers will win the World Series. Plus the Longhorns will win the Final Four and make the college football playoffs—Sure, these don’t have anything to do with data centers, but I’m a shameless homer and this is an easy way for you to get six predictions for the price of one.

So there you have them my friends; my predictions for 2015. I hope you’ll agree that I’ve touched all the bases and given you some things to contemplate as you make your own educated guesses for the new year—and honestly, aren’t the Cowboys due to win the big one?

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