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Brent Behrman Joins Compass Datacenters as Senior Vice President of Sales

Compass Datacenters has named Brent Behrman as Senior Vice President of Sales for the company, a role that will include leading Compass Datacenters’ direct and channel sales efforts and overseeing development of the company’s sales organization over time. Mr. Behrman joins Compass Datacenters from Digital Realty, the global datacenter provider, where he was Senior Vice President of Sales.

“Brent is highly respected in the data center industry because of his understanding of customer needs, his integrity, and his ability to articulate value in a customer’s language. He has a strong understanding of the evolving needs of the data center market, and he takes a customer-centric approach to his work that makes him a trusted advisor of every organization he works with on data center projects,” said Chris Crosby, Founder and CEO of Compass Datacenters. “He is also a strong leader that has a proven track record of building high-performing sales teams like the one he led at Digital Realty. Brent’s leadership of our sales efforts will ensure that we are always in sync with our customers and with the market. On a more personal note, I am honored to work with him again and humbled that someone with his ability and experience has decided to join our team”

“There has been tremendous growth in the data center industry over the past several years, but it has been driven largely by huge investments in a handful of locations that are not ideal for the vast majority of corporations,” said Brent Behrman. “There is a huge untapped market of companies outside of the big six data center markets, and Compass Datacenters is offering data center solutions that will resonate with customers seeking a no-compromises datacenter facility that can be located exactly where they need it. This opens up a new chapter in the evolution of the data center industry, and it’s exciting to be a part of the team that is pioneering it.”

About Compass Datacenters
Compass Datacenters builds and operates Truly Modular™ data centers that provide customers with dedicated solutions where they need them. The innovative design of its facilities make it possible for Compass Datacenters to deliver state-of-the-art solutions for customers anywhere in the United States, serving the vast majority of companies that are not located in the few markets where geographically-constrained data center facilities are currently concentrated. For more information, visit compassdatacenters.com.

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