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Compass Datacenters’ “Horizons” Video Series Investigates the Role of eSports in Fandom and Culture

Gaming Thought Leader Kayla Green Discusses How Gaming Accessibility Influences
Culture and Equity

DALLAS – March 21, 2023 – Compass Datacenters has launched a new episode of its popular video series “Horizons,” with a special focus on eSports. Kayla Green, former Head of Cross Channel Strategy and Marketing Insights at Riot Games, discusses how gaming accessibility influences culture. Hear Green discuss how gaming is impacting the future of community-building and the way a wide range of industries approach marketing.

“Gaming is one of the most universal platforms today. It brings together people from across the globe for real time, collaborative experiences. It is influencing our world, culture and business in ways we are only beginning to understand,” said Green. “Gaming brings communities and cultures together, a sharing of knowledge with people you might never encounter otherwise. Maybe the value of the fan is more than just the eyeball. Maybe it’s something more engaging, more community-driven. Maybe those are the important metrics.”

Compass Datacenters’ Horizons video series brings together experts from a variety of fields to discuss how our lives will be impacted by internet-based technology in a post-COVID world. Featuring guests drawn from the worlds of business, science, IT, academia and the media, each episode explores emerging trends having dramatic impacts on the way we work, communicate and entertain ourselves.

Past episodes of the video series have featured experts such as Scott Latham, Ph.D. from UMass Lowell Manning School of Business; Scott Steinberg from Intl. Association for Business Development; Former Senior Intelligence Officer Dept. of Defense Tyler Cohen Wood, CISSP; Digital Sociologist Dr. Julie Albright; Donna Wertalik from Pamplin College of Business; Scott Condie from Brigham Young University; Brandon Valeriano, Ph.D. from Marine Corps University; and Dr. Angela Fusaro from Physician360.

To watch this new episode of “Horizons” and for an archive of prior episodes, visit https://www.horizonsbycompass.com/.

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