Compass Pushes The Edge Beyond Existentialism and Into Practicality

DALLAS, TX – Compass Datacenter’s own Sharif Fotouh pulls us away from the highly philosophical questions like “What is The Edge?” and helps us to focus on more important, less existential questions. The article, entitled “Existentialism and the Edge Data Center: The Importance of Asking the Right Questions about the Edge” doesn’t so much put the debate of defining the edge to bed as it helps us to see those aren’t the questions you should be asking:

“So much of our industry’s discussion of edge computing focuses narrowly on competing data center units that the bigger picture often gets overlooked. Edge infrastructure is about supporting an overall IT strategy, and that needs to be the dog that wags the tail, philosophically speaking. That means that your edge discussions should start with an IT discussion rather than an edge data center discussion: What services and applications are going to be served by the edge datacenter? What are today’s hardware requirements? And how are they likely to evolve over time? Do you know what services and applications are going to be serviced by the edge datacenter a year from now? Three years from now? The answers to those questions will drive key requirements about storage, compute, and connectivity. The problem, though, is the future-looking questions on that list are largely unanswerable – just like the most vexing existential conundrums. It is therefore critical to admit your lack of control over the unknowable future – like any good existentialist does – and focus on selecting edge infrastructure that has flexible and scalable as a cornerstone of its design.”

One’s focus on the things we can define and solve for are the real questions we should be asking of The Edge. The article, originally published at telecomramblings.com, continues:

“Existential debates are fascinating, but they don’t tend to provide the answers that you are going to need to plan your edge strategy and select a provider. In other words, focus on the practical rather than the esoteric. In many ways, the questions that need to be asked regarding prospective edge facilities are no different than those you’d use in evaluating any other data center alternative. Asking the right questions is the key to ensuring that you can move forward successfully with your edge implementation plans. As Sartre himself says, “There is no reality except in action,” and taking action on edge deployments will be accelerated by a more practical approach to the topic.”

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