Build to Order

You shouldn’t have to compromise on the requirements for your mission critical enterprise or cloud data center, and with Compass you don’t. Our standard functionality and wide array of options ensure that you get the data center you need, not just the space that another provider had available.

Designed based on the input from customers just like you, Compass’ patented architecture delivers you a data center that includes:
  • The ability to “mix and match” space and power options to meet your specific requirements:
    • Power options in 1.2MW increments in any raised floor configuration such as 2.4MW in 10,000 square feet
    • Custom slab or raised floor options
  • Over 75 personalization options (and growing)
  • Simultaneous high (up to 30kW/rack) and low-density support
  • A Workflow Optimized™ design that includes your own loading dock, de-box area and pre-wired staging and storage space
  • “Water Free” cooling regardless of data center size
It’s one thing to read about how Compass can deliver a dedicated data center with more built-in functionality, data hall customization capability and personalization options than our competitors in any market, but as they say, “seeing is believing”. We invite you to take a virtual tour of a Compass facility to see just what your next data center can look like.

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You’re in Control

With a Compass data center you don’t have to make compromises. You control every aspect of the facility from its IT, network and security system to the ability to use your own operations and security personnel. And, of course, you can also tell us where you want us to build it.

Customer Defined Fit-Out

Many providers require you to adapt to their in-place data hall power distribution and cabling configurations. At Compass we will work directly with you to optimize the power distribution and cabling infrastructure to help reduce cost and maximize efficiency on the slab, or in the white space, to your specifications and needs

Custom Personalizations

Your Data Center, Your Way

At Compass we know that you have your own unique requirements and that is why our solution has been developed to combine the benefits of both customization and personalization. Data hall needs can vary widely between customers, and Compass enables you to customize yours by specifying everything from the PDUs to the cabling, rack and power configurations.

Your facility should also reflect your corporate personality and on-going needs so we also offer you more than 75 personalization options to ensure that your data center is optimized for the way you operate. Use the graphic below to see just a few of the ways that you can personalize your Compass data center.

a b c d e f

Personalization Options by Area
Data Hall
Mechanical / Electrical

< Personalization Options by Area
Site Options (click below)
Security fencing and gates
Vehicle protection
Expanded parking
Landscape upgrades
Additional walk/pathways
Expanded fuel storage
Fuel transfer system
Fuel polishing system

< Personalization Options by Area
Building Options (click below)
Upgraded office fit-out
Custom office fit-out
Extra exterior / interior conduits
UPS circuits for POP and Office
POP room fit-out
Hands Free bathroom fixtures
< Personalization Options by Area
Security Options (click below)
Use your corporate system
PA system
Mantrap upgrades
< Personalization Options by Area
BMS Options (click below)
Add Schneider DCIM
Add Romonet
Add RF Code
Add Fieldview DCIM
< Personalization Options by Area
MEP Options (click below)
Additional yard lighting
Thermal scanning windows
Add a permanent load bank
Second utility feed
Custom PDU & power distribution
Branch circuit monitoring
Static transfer switch installation
Fuel system monitoring upgrade
Wearables for operations
< Personalization Options by Area
Data Hall Options (click below)
Raised on non-raised floor
Data Hall entrance locations
Data Hall viewing window
Rack lift vs ramp
Data Hall fit-out
Hot/cold aisle preparation

Cloud Solutions

Most cloud data center network and database requirements are too critical for non-2N architectures or “one size fits all” multi-tenant facilities. A Compass build-to-order data center provides you with a TCO that declines per kW as you grow, is dedicated to you, hyperscalable and built to your specifications using our “mix” and match power and space options. The solution includes water-free cooling to deliver pPUE’s of 1.25 or lower and Tier III construction certification delivered “server ready” with your preferred cable and power distribution within 6 months from ground breaking on a pad ready site.

A Different Approach

“Building a large facility in order to “grow into it” represents an enormous first cost and high TCO. Through the use of our 1.2MW “building block” you can define the size and capacity of not only your initial facility, but the expansion increments to use in the future. Each 1.2MW “block” includes multiple pathways to the PPOP and SPOP, but can be joined together via a physically meshed network to support inter-block connectivity to operate as a single entity to support the larger initial capacity, and expansion, requirements typically associated with cloud campuses.

The combination of Compass’ capabilities enables you to perform cloud operations in data centers that are built to address your specific requirements.

Feature What it Means to You
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Unlike competing solutions, TCO per KW decreases as you expand just like on your own builds
Great PUE Performance with 0 WUE PUE below 1.25 regardless of market via water free indirect airside economization
Dedicated to You No shared space. The data center and the building are all yours.
“Mix and Match” The ability to mix and match power and space options to meet your specific requirements
Hyperscalable Add capacity as you need using our mix and match capability
Aligned Fit-Out Customized power distribution and cabling infrastructure based on your requirements
Reduced Operational Complexity and Costs Through the re-use use of our 1.2MW building blocks, operational complexity is reduced, training is simplified and the need for high level personnel is eliminated
Independent “Blocks” Each 1.2MW “block” is completely independent and concurrently maintainable including electrical (2N), electrical  mechanical (N+1) and even fire systems. No paralleling and no static switches in power train.
Intermeshed Physical Networks Between Blocks/Buildings Your site includes two fiber entrance manholes, and each building also has their own dedicated front and back fiber manholes to provide independent pathways to the PPOP and SPOP respectively.  Multiple pathways are included between each POP/block and a mesh of (2) 4”conduits support inter-building connectivity:

  • Datahalls, manholes too
“Regionalized” loading/storage/security per building increment You select the optimal location(s) for the loading dock, storage and security areas based on your custom building increment to ensure the maximum in data hall delivery efficiency per building

Pay as You Go Scalability for the Lowest TCO

Building a data center, or renting excess capacity, to support your future demand is a waste of your capital and expensive. Each Compass data center incorporates our CompassConnect™ capability. This functionality has been developed to simplify your capacity planning efforts by enabling you to “pay as you go” to add capacity based on your space and budget a per kW as you expand. Unlike many competing colocation or modular alternatives, CompassConnect ensures that each new unit you add is fully tested (Level 5 commissioned) to ensure both its ability to support your added requirements and the safety of your on-site personnel.
See How You Can Expand Over Time

Powered Shell

Leasing an expandable Compass powered shell eliminates the upfront capital costs required to build a facility while providing you with a fit-out ready data center structure designed to your requirements.

Our experience in building over $3B of data centers eliminates the schedule and cost risks normally associated with building your own data center and enables us to provide you with a fully permitted building ready for you to begin your build-out efforts . Your powered shell can be built on an existing corporate property or Compass can perform the site selection, land acquisition, and obtain all the required permits and approvals for you.

By teaming with Compass to build your powered shell, you can focus on developing your data center strategies while we:

  • Use our experienced construction team to eliminate project risk while accelerating the speed of delivery
  • Deliver an expandable shell with power, water and fiber fully provisioned
  • Enable you to fit out the facility to your specific requirements
  • Preserve your company’s capital for other corporate needs