Cloud & SaaS

Your Requirements. Your Configuration.

The demands of providing the infrastructure of the cloud and SaaS applications generate a set of requirements that aren’t easily addressable via some company’s one-size fits all data center solution. Through the ability to select from a range of customization capabilities, you are able to control every element of your facility without impacting our ability to deliver your data center in six months or less from a pad ready site.

Delivered in Six Months

You're in Control

Customization Capability

Multiple Infrastructure Options

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Designed to Maximize Flexibility and Ease of Operation

There is no one data center solution for providers of Cloud or SaaS solutions. Adaptability is the underlying philosophy in our design, and we provide you a variety of alternatives to choose from to customize your data center to meet your specific operational requirements.

  • Hyperscale-ready locations in Northern Virginia, Phoenix and Montreal.
  • Air cooled or processed chilled water. You decide.
  • Select from N, N+1 or 2N levels of redundancy.
  • Support your racks with full, partial or no UPS at all.
  • Minimum of two zero manholes per site, and two manholes per building.
  • Space, power, MEP and UPS configurations can vary between each expansion increment.

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