Edge/Distributed Infrastructure

A Complete Solution for the Edge

The issues surrounding distributed architectures and edge computing are myriad and complex. Compass Edge Solutions provides you with a complete package that includes both our EdgePoint data center and our remote monitoring functionality. Compass Edge Solutions has been developed based on the experience we’ve gained from installing and monitoring over 200 telecommunications shelters for major cloud and content providers. This experience enables us to work with you to address the issues associated with edge implementations and on-going site management.

Complete Edge Solution

200 Shelters Deployed and Monitored

2N Reliability

Remote Site Monitoring Capability

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A multi-faceted solution


Compass Edge Solutions (CES) offers all the solutions and capabilities to simplify the complexities of deploying a multi-site edge footprint. Leveraging our unmatched experience in the construction, integration, and operations of high density edge facilities, our team can provide:

  • Site permitting and facility delivery
  • Deployment and commissioning
  • IT installation and activation
  • Operational monitoring and maintenance

Our in-house developed BitBox software is used incorporate all your locations into a single cohesive monitoring and management platform. This integrated functionality gives our team the ability to maximize uptime and reliability, and gives you complete control and visibility of your edge portfolio.

EdgePoint Data Centers

Every EdgePoint unit is managed via our BitBox software, easily scalable, features 10-rack capacity and 80kW of power, is housed in a hardened shell and features a 2N MEP design. EdgePoint and are rapidly deployable anywhere your needs require including parking lots, easements, and rooftops.

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