Customization Options

Getting the Data Center You Need

Your facility should reflect your corporate personality and on-going needs so we offer you more than 75 customization options to ensure that your data center is optimized for the way you operate.

With Compass, your ability to specify major elements of your data center begins by providing you a broad range of choices regarding both interior and exterior finishes to enable your new facility to reflect your corporate brand. You can also, enhance the “look” of your facility by choosing to update your site’s landscaping.

The ability to customize your facility also extends to your office environment via the inclusion of over 2,000 square feet of configurable office that enables you to provide the optimal working environment for your operations and/or sales personnel.

From fuel polishing systems, PDU configurations, and ATS switches to hot/cold aisle preparation and the ability to specify the location of the entrances to your data hall, you’re able to tell us how key elements of your site’s infrastructure need to be configured to ensure that you don’t have to compromise on any element of your new data center.