Data Center Architecture

Flexible Design to Meet Your Requirements

Every end-user solution Compass delivers is based on a standard 1.2 MW building block. The basic elements of this design enable you to do everything from mixing and matching space and power requirements to specifying your site’s power and cabling layout. Each 1.2MW is Tier III ready, and features an N+1 mechanical system accompanied by a 2N electrical configuration.

Each Compass data center includes a minimum of two (2) points of fiber entry and two (2) manholes to provide you with the ability to segment your applications into specific clusters to eliminate the failure of one to take down the others in the facility is easy to establish. Fire zone separation capability is also available to further safeguard the integrity of your applications.

The Compass architecture also delivers both cost and operational flexibility. On-going operational costs are dramatically reduced through the use of free air to provide substantial savings compared to water-centric cooling alternatives. The efficient operation of your data center is further enhanced via the inclusion of user configurable office space and a contiguous path from the loading dock to the de-box and staging area that simplifies your hardware adds, moves and changes