As everyone knows, power is one of the largest on-going operational costs. The Compass data center solution has been designed to specifically address this issue. Leveraging indirect air-to-air side economization, your Compass solution is able to achieve PUE levels below 1.3 in most markets regardless of your IT load. Unlike conventional solutions in which optimal levels of site performance are tied tightly to your rate of utilization and a specific geography, the Compass solution enables you to substantially cut your monthly power costs at usage levels as low as 25%. This level of certainty also enables you to accurately forecast, budget, and, for service providers, know the margin of your site’s power.


Water Free

Using water to cool your data center can be an expensive proposition, a 1MW facility requires 17 million gallons annually, for example. In many areas of the country it is also an increasingly precious resource. Your Compass data center eliminates these problems through the use of indirect air-to-air side economization, your data center features “water free” operation. And, due to our patented design, your facility will remain “water free” no matter how large it grows.

cooling-wheelCompass is able to deliver high-density column free raised floor data halls and PUE’s below 1.25 regardless of the market through its adoption of Kyoto cooling wheel technology. This powerful method of heat transference uses a wheel made of honeycombed aluminum to absorb heated air from the data center and return cooled air to the raised floor space. This innovative use of a proven technology is the key to supporting the personalized power and space combination you select via our unique “mix and match” capability.

Low PUE in any Market

icon-calculatorSee how our Minimum Load, Maximum Performance Architecture flattens the PUE curve to provide you with an unparalleled degree of cost predictability by using our PUE calculator. Using the pulldown menus, select your desired market, desired data center size, IT floor environment, and your estimated power pricing. Upon submitting your selections, the calculator will demonstrate the power of a flattened PUE curve by displaying the following information:

  • Estimated annualized average PUE based on IT load.
  • Your estimated annual power costs and the PUE at load levels ranging from 25% to 100%.

PUE Calculator Gen 2 Search

Note on $ per kw/h: National average is $0.07 kw/h, but go ahead and use your own kw/h value. Sample: 0.04 or 0.13



Your data center should be an integral part to your overall corporate strategy. As a result it should serve as a viable asset for a generation or more. Every Compass data center solution is built with this goal in mind. Through features like the ability to add power to an existing facility, a column free raised floor and the ability to support both high (up to 30kW/rack) and low-density applications your data center your Compass facility will provide you with the foundation and flexibility to support data center needs now and as the evolve in the future.


Per industry analyst firm the 451 Group, “a data center infrastructure management (DCiM) system collects and manages information about a data center’s assets, resource use and operational status”. The Compass management platform has been developed to provide you with these exact capabilities to enhance your ability to control your data center operations.

Baseline MEP resource use and status information is delivered via our BMS software that ships with each of our PowerCenter modules. Unlike other proprietary offerings, however, this web-based system has been developed as an open platform to support DCiM capabilities ranging from Schneider Electric’s Struxtureware modules, your own in-house developed applications to other third party applications.

This open approach enables you to operate your Compass as a single entity or as part of a multi-data center network. By providing you with the ability to collect, manage and visualize essential information related to your data center operations, Compass’ management platform enhances your ability to control and optimize both your existing and future operations. For example, your operational insight and decision-making capabilities can be enhanced through the platform’s ability to add IT functionality such as:

  • Asset, change and configuration management
  • Real time monitoring
  • Workflow
  • Analytics and reporting
Data center management has become too important to be included in data center offerings as an after thought. Compass’ pre-integrated support for DCiM applications reflects this new table stakes data center requirement.