Delivering data center solutions from the core to the edge

Compass Datacenters, was created to address opportunities within the data center ecosystem. The company’s ownership, Ontario Teachers Pension Plan, Redbird Capital Partners and management, has dedicated significant capital to build an industry leading platform company in data centers.

Compass Datacenters and its affiliated companies are disrupting the industry by bringing to market data center solutions at all points along the continuum from the core to edge that provide the benefits of just-in-time incremental capacity, single-tenancy control and a price point that is competitive with wholesale co-location and edge solutions while delivering an enhanced level of reliability, flexibility and operational simplicity. Compass delivers these benefits with its a ‘just in time’ incremental delivery model, which meets customer demands better than the traditional colocation model. The Compass model also drives down costs by smoothing and improving the efficiency of the supply chain through reusable, highly efficient building blocks of capacity.

Compass serves Hyper-Scalers, Enterprises and IT Service Providers across primary and secondary markets, and continues disrupting the industry by adding new business lines in alignment with its vision.