The Compass Advantage

An open book to our customers

We’ve built Compass upon the following four core convictions:

  • Humility in, pride out: We are an open book to our customers
  • Our actions and words are one: If we say we’ll do something, we do it
  • We are responsible for continuous improvement: We are relentless in working to improve in every area of our business to increase the value we deliver to our customers.
  • We ask why?: By knowing the reasons behind your data center requirements we can work with you to optimize the facility we deliver

We believe that our commitment to these convictions helps us deliver not only superior solutions for our customers, but more satisfying and productive relationships with them as well.


Compass Datacenters was founded to provide our customers clear alternatives to the historical shared data center business model. We’ve built our ability to deliver dedicated data centers wherever our customers need them upon a confluence of elements that directly benefit our end users.
Our Data Center Expertise


The goals of our CompassCare™ program are straightforward: maximize your uptime by eliminating errors and provide you with a platform enabling continuous improvement.
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Compass provides data center solutions that can address a wide spectrum of customer requirements. Let our customers tell you why Compass was the right choice for them.
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