Years of Data Center Experience

Compass Datacenters was founded to provide our customers clear alternatives to the historical shared data center business model. We’ve built our ability to deliver dedicated data centers wherever our customers need them upon a confluence of elements that directly benefit our end users.

  • Experience – Compass is led by a management team that has built and operated over $3 billion in data halls worldwide.
  • Scope of Knowledge – Designing and constructing a data center involves much more than delivering a building that includes a raised floor. Our years of industry experience provide us with a breadth of knowledge that extends from software and hardware to MEP and real estate.
  • Innovation – Our ability to deliver data centers along the core to edge continuum reflects our continuous efforts to translate market direction into data center solutions.
  • Flexibility – As a result of our customer interactions we are continually adding functionality to our data center solutions offerings.
  • Financial Strength – Our ownership by Ontario Teachers’ Pension Fund, Red Bird Capital Partners, Azraeli Group, and management provides us with not only financial stability but access to low-cost capital as well. As a result, we can cost-effectively deliver data center solutions regardless of their size or location.