We serve companies seeking 1-4MW of IT load day one, supporting mission critical applications and needing the capability to grow if necessary. We are not all things to all companies.

At Compass we’ve applied the lessons we’ve learned in building billions of dollars in data centers across the globe to a patented solution that places the control of the facility in your hands. By combining a feature set that is typically only found in expensive build to suit facilities with a Workflow Optimized™ design, a Compass data center provides you with a wealth of financial and operational benefits including:
Feature What It Means for You
Dedicated to you No shared space, utilities or infrastructure. The data center is all yours from the transformers to the loading dock. Each independent module is completely tested (Level 5 commissioned) unlike our competition.
Enhanced Control You control every aspect of your data center from IT and network to the ability to use your own security and operations personnel.
Simple Pay as You Go Expansion CompassConnect™ capability is built into every unit and enables you to add capacity in 1.2MW, level 5 commissioned increments based on your schedule and budget.
Future Ready Provides you with simultaneous high (30kW/rack) and low density support and a column free raised floor for maximum layout flexibility.
Geographic Independence We can build your data center wherever you need it, including on your own land.
Workflow Optimized™ Your data center is designed for the way you work to provide a contiguous path from the loading dock to the raised floor to enhance the efficiency of your regular operations like M/A/C.
Self-Contained Building Your data center includes office space, a break room, showers, security station, loading dock and storage and staging rooms and comprehensive training and documentation as part of the handover process.
Mission Critical Facility Your mission critical applications will reside in a hardened (built to the IBC category IV essential building standard), Tier III constructed and LEED certified data center.
Delivered in Six (6) Months Compass guarantees that we will deliver your data center within six (6) months from breaking ground on a pad ready site.
Multiple Procurement Options You can choose the method (lease, purchase or hybrid) that best aligns with your financial requirements to obtain your data center.