Compass Datacenters’ Earth Day Challenge: Delete Digital Dust Bunnies!

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DALLAS – April 17, 2024, – America, you have some spring cleaning to do this Earth Day, and it’s not a chore for a scrub brush, squeegee, broom, or bucket. This Earth Day, Compass Datacenters encourages people to swipe away digital dust bunnies and be free of useless data. Much of our data – by some estimates, up to 90% – is never accessed three months after it’s stored.

To understand consumer habits regarding digital file preservation and organization, Compass commissioned an Omnibus survey, fielded among more than 1,000 Americans earlier this month. The results showed that we’ve become a little sloppy where data is concerned. It’s out of sight, out of mind.

Americans on digital accumulation:

  • Most respondents (86%) indicated they need to clean up digital files, but they don’t.
  • 41% said they don’t do it because they are afraid of deleting something they might need later.
  • 31% chalk up their digital clutter to old-fashioned procrastination.
  • Another third said it’s too daunting a task and they don’t have time to tackle it.
  • When it comes to cleaning tasks, deleting digital files is last on the chore list. Yes, Americans would rather clean their houses, cars and yards than eradicate old digital files.
  • While 90% of respondents clean the house at least weekly, less than a quarter (23%) take time to delete stored photos or apps weekly. Another 10% said they never delete stored photos.
  • 64% of Americans would rather roll up their sleeves and take on a sink full of dirty dishes than deal with digital clutter.

It’s never too soon to become disciplined about the management of personal digital files. To help people clean out their digital closets this Earth Day, Compass Datacenters offers insights and tips at

“As a society, we’re wasteful when it comes to data, and we’re due to make cleanup a priority,” said Katy Hancock, Vice President of Community Relations, Compass Datacenters. “Digital baggage makes it hard to find what you need and adversely impacts device performance, creating frustration and stress. Worthless data doesn’t serve the people who own it or the infrastructure that houses it.”

Compass may seem like an unlikely company to promote mindfulness about digital waste, but the fact is, Compass is dogged about zero waste. From our headquarters to our sites, we believe tidy, sustainable spaces support productivity, safer worksites and positive outcomes.