The 90 Day Transition

A person is speaking in front of a background with the "Compass Datacenters" logo, titled "Veteran Career Transition Tips with Tony Grayson".

Hello, my name is Tony Grayson, and I spent 21 years in the United States Navy before transferring into the tech sector. This is transition Tips, and today I really wanted to talk about how stressful the transition can be and how lonely it can make you feel sometimes. When we’re in the military, we were nomads. We were used to receiving orders of six months out, and that was so we could find the perfect neighborhood, look for a home, find place on base, and really get ourselves in order. Unfortunately, that’s really not going to happen when you transition. Most times recruiters or hiring managers are not even going to talk to you unless you’re 90 days out, and so this can definitely cause a certain amount of stress on you and in the family, and I get it.

First I want to say reach out to the veteran groups who have been through this before. You always aren’t going to find this team first mentality in a civilian workforce, and that’s okay. But you will find these veteran groups. This is not only true for active duty who are transitioning, but also those who’ve already transitioned. So find those groups who understand how you feel. They can provide direction, they can provide advice, they can introduce you to people. And most importantly, they can provide the fellowship. Think of these groups as your own squad, platoon, department, ship, that you had in the military, and lean on them. They want to help, and most of them have been through this before.

Second, I want to say, and it’s hard to say this is, you will get knocked on the butt during the transition. It’s going to happen, and that’s okay. But don’t let disappointment and pressure overcome your optimism. I truly believe that the opposite of success is quitting. It’s not failure. Now, some recruiters and head hunters know exactly how you feel and they’re going to reach out to you, promise new jobs well before that 90 days. And that might be okay, but just recognize that they get paid for placing you, they don’t get paid for your happiness. So don’t just accept a job that might be lower than you deserve or a different pay because of just providing a quick relief. So really, the moral is believe in yourself. Reach out to the veterans groups who can help you, and don’t be afraid. As always, reach out if you have questions or if you want to hear anything more on these transition tips. Thank you.