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Watch/listen to Compass’ podcasts: Not Your Father’s Data Center hosted by Compass CRO, Raymond Hawkins, and Extending the Ladder hosted by Compass CIO, Nancy Novak.

Extending The Ladder


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Breaking Ground: Women in Construction Management

Amanda and Meghan share their inspiring journeys into the construction industry, highlighting their background, challenges, and achievements.

Not Your Father’s Data Center


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Veteran Stories and the Mission Critical Mindset

Join Raymond Hawkins in a Memorial Day special as he explores the synergy between military skills and data center operations with Compass Datacenters'...

Thought Leadership

Thoughts from the Leadership, blogs, articles, white papers, and case studies on everything that matters in the data center industry.

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5 Tips to Reduce Digital Clutter 

Declutter your digital life, reduce your environmental footprint and boost productivity with 5 useful tips and a digital cleanup checklist. Say goodby...

Allyship in Tech: How to Support Women in the Workplace with the Power of Curiosity, Vulnerability and Humility 

At this year’s Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) conference, Compass Director, Cloud Sales, Chelsey Cooper, and Director, Marketing, Frances...

Defining Scope 4 Emissions

Understand why Scope 4 emissions are avoided emissions, and learn how they represent a proactive and innovative approach to sustainability!



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April 17, 2024

Press Release

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Compass Datacenters’ Earth Day Challenge: Delet...

A new survey of 1,000+ Americans explains how and why we have so much digital waste.

April 29, 2024

Compass In The News

The Gigawatt Data Center Campus is Coming

Hyperscale tech companies are seeking campuses that can support 1 gigawatt of electric power capacity. Developers say new approaches to MegaCampuses c...


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