White Space as Service (WSaaS) makes it possible for you to add remote or edge capacity quickly and without strain on CapEx.

Two quantum white space as a service data center packages

Full data center functionality in a smaller form factor.

Each Quantum modular 100kW data center can support up to 12-full-sized racks with full data center functionality. Quantum is financially structured to eliminate the need for corporate capital, so that customers can access capacity without delay.

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An All-in-One Service

Quantum’s all-in-one service includes site selection, development, local permitting, installation and site monitoring.

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Strong & Sustainable

Housed within a hardened composite shell, each unit is produced using a reduced GHG emitting manufacturing process.

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Each Quantum data center can grow based on specific site needs and requirements, with the ability to support up to 12 full-size racks.

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Rapid Deployment

Since each Quantum Unit is mass-customized, we can quickly design, build, and deploy your module in months.

Capacity where you need it, when you need it.

Let’s discuss how Quantum can support your needs. 

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