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Compass Datacenters, one of Inc. Magazine’s 5000 fastest growing companies, designs and constructs data centers for some of the world’s largest hyperscalers and cloud providers on campuses across the globe. Our corporate culture is predicated on continual improvement and innovation and has enabled us to marry technology with modern manufacturing methods to enhance our ability to consistently deliver our customer’s projects faster, with no sacrifices in quality. Since our inception, our sustainability efforts have encompassed the entire data center from its design to its post-delivery performance, including the efficient use of land, water-free cooling and a focus on Green House Gas reduction in the materials used to build our facilities and in their operation. Compass embraces a long-term perspective with the financial strength of investors Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and Brookfield Infrastructure.

While every business changes over time, our core convictions have served as the touchstone of our efforts since the company was founded. Their influence permeates every aspect of how we operate and the commitments we make to our customers.

Humility in, Pride Out

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We believe every situation presents a learning opportunity and improvement is the result of asking “what could we have done better” rather than saying “they shouldn’t have done that”. By listening more than we speak, and analyzing rather than criticizing, we are continually able to provide value to our customers.

Our Actions and Words are One

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We strive for transparency with our customers in every area of our relationship from pricing and terms to your data center’s design, construction and on-going operations. To achieve this level of openness is predicated on our commitment to doing what we say.

Continuous Improvement

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Our customers benefit when we consistently ask what we can do differently to improve in every area of our business. We believe this commitment to improvement is a responsibility shared by every Compass employee regardless of department or seniority.

We Ask Why?

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We believe understanding the “why” behind your requirements enable us to optimize the data center we deliver to you and how we support it going forward.


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For any questions regarding our compliance program, you may contact us at compliance_ops@compassdatacenters.com.

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Compass is led by a team of professionals with extensive experience in designing, building and operating data centers.

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