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We Build for What’s Next

We Build for What’s Next


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Building Data Centers is What We Do

We build data centers for some of the largest companies in the world across the globe and are collectively responsible for the construction of over $4B in facilities worldwide.

Our use of advanced building technology combined with our focus on continual improvement means we are constantly refining both our designs and procedures to enable us to deliver your customized data center when and where it’s required.


Why Customers Choose Compass

Due to the pandemic, the data center industry landscape has changed. Issues, such as, the disruption of established supply chains will be felt across the industry for years to come. Building your next data center calls for an agile provider able to adapt to the new environment. A provider able to deliver your customized, sustainable, scalable, move-in ready data center when and where you need it.

Compass' team has designed, built and delivered more than $5 billion in data centers worldwide. Our culture embraces continuous improvement and intellectual curiosity which both serve our customers well in these challenging times. We will work closely with you to be transparent and flexible thru the entire process of delivering your new data center.

Geography is No Obstacle

All of our designs have been developed to be geographically independent to support your data center requirements, regardless of location. This flexibility is enhanced via attributes like water-free cooling, our use of low waste designs and sustainable materials such as CarbonCure manufactured concrete to ensure the environmental compatibility of your data center regardless of your chosen location.


Sustainable Design,
Construction and Operation

At Compass the sustainability of your data center begins long before we deliver your facility. Your new data center will be built using concrete manufactured using CarbonCure’s CO2 reduction methodology to reduce the emissions associated with production by up to 1800 tons and feature free air cooling to eliminate the need to incur the cost, on-going expense and resource consumption associated with water-based cooling. Materials and components used in the construction of your data center will be sourced locally to minimize the environmental impact of long haul transportation.


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