Data centers done differently

Compass builds hyperscale and cloud data centers tailored to customers’ needs. Delivering dedicated buildings and campuses through a tightly coupled supply chain and customer centric network.

Innovative in all we do, from site selection to delivery

A data center campus under construction

Our integrated supply chain’s use of cutting-edge technology and prefabricated components sets Compass apart. Enabling us to seamlessly deliver data centers in strategic locations.

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Finely tuned and flexible designs

A server room

Our data center campus designs are tailored to meet your specific requirements, with the promise of rapid delivery and continuous capacity.

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A close-up of a green leaf

Responsible stewards of the environment

Every data center we deliver is designed for sustainability from construction through operations. Compass facilities are optimized for the most responsible use of land, energy and water possible.

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Billions built around the globe

A yellow tower crane on a construction site

Compass has a proven track record of building for the largest hyperscalers in the world. A singular focus on customers’ needs is the foundation of our proactive approach to site selection, which allows us to identify markets ahead of customer demand. Equally important is our commitment to safety at every one of our job sites.

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Challenging Assumptions

Two construction workers in safety wear at a data center campus

Doing things differently enhances every aspect of our data center developments. Achieving these goals is made possible by a corporate culture committed to continually challenging assumptions and never accepting the status quo.

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