Smart design for any size

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Our designs are built using a standard kit-of-parts while still meeting the individual requirements of hyperscale and cloud customers around the globe.

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We deliver sustainable data centers predicated on the conservation and protection of natural resources. Our design and construction are centered on processes to minimize our carbon footprint.

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Integrated Supply Chain

Every Compass data center is built using a standard kit-of-parts, which has enabled us to build a tightly integrated supply chain with the flexibility to adapt to situations on the ground.

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Your data center can be built on one of Compass’ existing Campuses or wherever you need it.

Made-for-you on-time and on-budget

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Flexible Designs

Every data center we build uses a standard kit-of-parts ensuring component availability and schedule integrity at each of our sites. This building block approach allows for us to deliver data centers optimized to your unique requirements and delivery schedule.

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Streamlined construction process

Our use of standardized construction processes provide us with maximum control over our sites’ production and work schedules for the on-time delivery of your data center.

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Supply chain management

We maintain strong relationships with our key component suppliers. This tightly integrated supply chain permits us to rapidly adapt to any changes in component availability.

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Sustainably minded from the start

Compass is an industry leader in sustainable data center design, construction and operation. Since inception, our approach has included the efficient use of land, water and materials in the development of our data center projects.

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Our Designs

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Our single tenant data center campuses are tailored to meet your specific requirements, with the promise of rapid delivery and low-risk future growth.

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Our 6-80 MW data center design was developed to support the requirements of growing Cloud providers. These single or two-story structures incorporate one to two data halls with optional office and support space.

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White Space as a Service

The need for incremental, remote or edge capacity is delivered by our Quantum modular data center.

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