Billions in built capacity. Strategic site identification and development around the globe.

Hyperscale capacity when and where you need it

We build data centers for the largest companies in the world. Our examination of market trends allows us to anticipate your needs ahead of peak demand.

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Forecasting geographic demand

Our continual monitoring of economic trends, regulatory activity, and market growth enables us to anticipate future hyperscale capacity requirements and locations.

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Creating capacity

Our team’s years of experience makes Compass well-equipped to work through permitting and approval processes with local governments regardless of city, state or country. In addition to receiving firm commitments from utility companies to ensure we meet our customers’ capacity requirements.

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Project delivery

Our streamlined designs, integrated supply chain and construction processes enable us to deliver your data center on time.

North America

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With nearly two gigawatts of capacity, our campuses offer you access to essential locations across the U.S.. Our expanding footprint delivers new capacity in strategic markets throughout the country to support even your most aggressive growth requirements.

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Compass’ global footprint is continually growing, building out digital infrastructure to meet your capacity needs in locations throughout EMEA.

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