Our flexible, scalable hyperscale designs have been developed to meet future capacity requirements, with high density support of GPUs and AI, and are customizable to meet your specific needs.

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Up to 360 MW. 450 MDA substations with dedicated, customizable and continuous capacity for clients.

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Mass Customizable

Our hyperscale offering is a one or two-story structure with two to four data halls. Additional office and support space can be configured to customer specifications.

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Schedule Integrity

Our standardized designs and components, supported by a tightly integrated supply chain, enable us to maintain schedule and deliver your data center on time.

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Optimized for Simplicity

Maximum Flexibility, Maximum Control

Adaptability defines our hyperscale designs. Custom options include: distributed redundancy; full, partial or no UPS; and space, power, MEP and UPS configurations varied depending on expansion increments.

Compass is ready to build your next data center.

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