Building Your Own Personal Board of Directors


Tiffany English discusses the importance of building one’s brand through a personal board of directors.

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Every fortune 500 and major organization has one: a board of directors. A successful board steers the company’s ship and guides them through the waves, both smooth and choppy. Tiffany English, Senior Director of Architecture for Qualcomm, believes a board of directors shouldn’t stop at the corporate level. Why not build one’s brand with a board of directors too? English joined Breaking Glass’, Nancy Novak, to explore this idea in further detail.

English learned that navigating one’s career isn’t always a piece of cake, and it can be a whole lot easier with some trusted mentors to help create a network of connections. “Building relationships in the industry with other people, especially other women who have a strong understanding of where you’re coming from, and have often had the same experiences you’ve had, was something that could help elevate my career,” English explained in regards to the the lightbulb moment that propelled her career forward.

In addition to her role with Qualcomm, English is the president of CREW Network, whose mission is to transform the commercial real estate industry by advancing women globally. Some of their work is reaching out to girls in junior high and high school through the college level to let them know what the opportunities and diverse professions are in the real estate industry.

“Part of building the pipelines is so we can have a more diverse and inclusive industry is making sure we’re exposing young people, and the younger generation, to what their potential is and where they can go,” English said. “And then making sure that the women who have elevated to that level of C-suite, and executive-level are there to help lift those younger generations and pull them in, and share their knowledge.”