Diversity and Inclusion in Construction

The image shows a smiling person in front of a dark background with the logo "COMPASS datacenters" and the slogan "We Build For What’s Next."

Hey, everybody. This is Nancy Novak, chief innovation officer for Compass Datacenters. Today I’d like to have a brief discussion about diversity and inclusion and why it matters. In the construction industry today, less than 3% of the skilled trades are female. Only about 11% of the management force is female. And when you get up to the executive ranks, its less than 1%. This is a problem for our industry. We have a lot of work to do. The demand is far exceeding the supply, and we don’t want to leave half the world’s talent on the sidelines. I love this industry so much. If you’re a continuous learner, this is the best industry to be in. You will never get bored no matter who you build for, you will always learn about their businesses as well.

And the data center industry is especially fascinating with the digital transformation of everything we know. This is something that is an opportunity that shouldn’t be passed up. We have a workforce depletion problem in the industry as we see it today. It would be awesome for us to all embrace the fact that using all of the world’s talent is going to be the best way to stay relevant and to solve for today’s problem of putting work in place so that we can all have the opportunities that we need to be successful. Thank you so much for listening and I hope you join me in this call to action, to become more inclusive. Let’s change our business for the better and remember a rising tide lifts all boats. Thank you.