Nancy Novak

Headshot of Nancy Novak

Chief Innovation Officer


As Chief Innovation Officer for Compass Datacenters, Nancy delivers cutting-edge sustainability technologies and is continuously improving the means and methods Compass uses to deliver sustainable, reliable and mass customizable data centers. In addition to adding value and improving returns on Compass projects, Nancy is an advocate for disrupting the status quo in the construction industry and women’s leadership in all industries. She’s the host of “Extending the Ladder,” a podcast that brings female leaders together to offer insights, advice and inspiration to other professionals. Prior to joining Compass, Nancy held operational leadership positions with top-ranked construction contractors Hensel Phelps and Balfour Beatty. She serves on the Executive Board of Directors for the National Institute of Building Sciences, the World Trade Center Institute and Weston Solutions, a global environmental firm. She is also an executive sponsor for bridging the Digital Divide on the iMasons Advisory Board.


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