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Supporting Diversity in Data Center Construction

Learn how Compass Datacenters is tapping into an underutilized resource in data center construction — women.

Understanding Difference in Edge Data

Understand the differences in edge data centers and how they meet the demand for additional capacity, reduced latency, and data security.

Building efficiency into everything we do

Compass is known for its fast-paced data center builds. We’re a hyper-speed developer in a hyperscale environment. Building efficiency into everythi...

Why a Dallas/Fort Worth Data Center?

The Dallas/Fort Worth region is one of the largest and most active data center markets in the United States. Compass serves this market via two data c...

Why a Phoenix Data Center?

Phoenix metro area's emergence as major data center location is based on many factors attractive to hyperscale and cloud providers including Compass.

The International Data Center Development Boom

Data center development has been focused to just a few key markets where supply and contractors were reliable and accessible. But that is changing.

Why Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia is without question the nation's data center Mecca. Compass Datacenters discusses what makes this area so valuable to data.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention: Virtual Commissioning

Assessing the construction process of data centers with virtual commissioning using a skeleton crew on-site, a lot of video and sensor equipment, and ...

Keeping up With Demand

Compass Datacenters dives into the data center building construction process and the impacts on keeping up with demand in the industry.

The Way to Predictive Analytics: Creating Data Infrastructure


Getting to predictive analytics requires data infrastructure and a systemic approach. Considering data centers as a complex system, not as individual ...

IoT: The Present and the Future

The Internet of Things is one of the world's fastest-growing technology segments. Download this free whitepaper to learn more

5G – What, Where, When and Why

5G has been getting a lot of press exposure but what is it and where are we in terms of its implementation? A comprehensive guide to the frontier of ...