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Compass Datacenters was founded in 2011 with the goal of providing customers with a product that reflected the next generation of data centers by focusing on the requirements that previously required them to build their own facilities:

  • A dedicated, mission critical facility
  • Simple, pay as you go expansion capability
  • A design and functionality supporting long term operation
  • The ability to locate the data center where it is needed, including on their own land
  • A layout that enhances the efficiency of performing regular tasks like M/A/C
  • A complete facility that addresses the needs of its personnel by providing elements such as office space, showers and a breakroom
  • A faster delivery schedule than if they built it themselves
Compass is led by an executive team that has built in excess of $3B in data centers, and operated over 6 million square feet of raised floor, all over the world and has translated the lessons learned from these efforts to enable us to deliver a data center via our proprietary P.A.C.E.™ design and build methodology that is:
  • Dedicated to you
  • Places control over key aspects of the facility like IT and network into your hands
  • Is expandable based on your schedule and budget
  • Can be located anywhere you like
  • Features a Workflow Optimized™ design to enhance your operational efficiency
  • Can either be leased or purchased.
Because we understand the importance that “mission critical” is more than just a phrase, Compass works intimately with our customers, including the face-to-face involvement with members of our senior leadership team. We believe that this level of senior executive involvement is critical to not only the successful delivery of your data center but its on-going operation as well.
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