DataCenterEvolutionHistorically, a product-based approach has always followed an industrialization phase whether the product has been automobiles or IT. Product based approaches are either wildly successful like the iPad or abysmal like the Newton. The key to success is to provide a product that services the needs of the customer as cost effectively and simply as possible, while including the most common needs and wants as standard.

Compass has applied these historical principles to deliver a true data center product that is dedicated to you, can be located anywhere you like, is 3rd party certified (Tier III and LEED) for reliability and sustainability, features a natural disaster resistant design and has been designed for the efficient operation required to make your data center a long lived asset. By incorporating the most common customer requested capabilities into the product, we eliminate the need for you to sift through a plethora of superfluous options to deliver your data center within six months from the day we break ground.

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