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Compass Datacenters Guarantees 6 Month Delivery Timeframe with $100,000 of Cold, Hard Cash

Compass Datacenters is putting its money where its mouth is with a new guarantee that it will successfully complete new data center projects for customers within 6 months from initial groundbreaking on a pad-ready site. The $100,000 guarantee assures customers that Compass will deliver their new, dedicated data center facility on time using the proven engineering and construction methodology that Compass has used on its projects to date across the United States.

“The only guarantees in life are death and taxes…and a six-month delivery timeframe for Compass facilities. This guarantee is a reflection of our confidence that we can complete a new, dedicated data center facility for our customers within six months anywhere that they need it,” said Chris Crosby, CEO of Compass Datacenters. “This rapid delivery timeframe is at the heart of why Compass has proven to be such a critical partner for our customers: We make it possible for customers to bring new IT infrastructure online as quickly as they need it to respond to market opportunities, and we do it with a feature-rich facility that can be located in any geography and with the exact technical specifications the customer needs.”

About Compass Datacenters

Compass Datacenters builds natural disaster-resistant, Tier III-certified, LEED Gold, dedicated data centers where customers need them without forcing them to sacrifice features or performance. The innovative design of its facilities make it possible for Compass Datacenters to deliver state-of-the-art solutions that enhance control and simplify capacity planning for customers anywhere in the United States, serving the vast majority of companies that are not located in the few markets where geographically-constrained data center facilities are currently concentrated. For more information, visit compassdatacenters.com.


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