The Importance of Female Leadership

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Host Nancy Novak and Lakisha Woods, President and CEO of the National Institute of Building Sciences share insights on their own careers and about continuing to encourage women to fill critical leadership roles.

Women are excelling in a wide variety of roles across every industry in the world, moving up through the ranks to take on positions of leadership and making decisions that shape the course of our collective future.

Those women in executive and other leadership roles, as well as those who are on the verge of these roles, are incredibly important to the future of the way we do business and of our society, at large.

To discuss the importance of female leadership, host Nancy Novak, Chief Innovation Officer at Compass Datacenters, invited President and CEO of the National Institute of Building Sciences Lakisha Ann Woods, CAE, onto this episode of Breaking Glass.

The two leaders are intimately familiar with leading in industries traditionally saturated with men at the highest levels, with Novak fulfilling critical duties for Compass and Woods having spent the entirety of her impressive career in building and construction.

“When you look at the ratio of women to men in our industry, it’s astounding how few women there are, especially the ones who get to this high [of a level],” Novak said.

Part of achieving a role of executive caliber or higher is having great mentors, and that’s especially true for women. Women need to build one another up, help one another succeed, and continue to pay it forward as they achieve their own goals to help future generations of powerful, impactful women follow in their footsteps.

“I am very passionate about the topic of encouraging more women to join this space,” Woods said. “We are a critical, essential workforce. … It is so important for women to recognize their opportunities in the space, but also for other women to encourage and showcase those that are in leadership.”