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Led by a management team that has built and operated billions of dollars in data centers all over the world, Compass provides an alternative for customers contemplating taking on the complex task of building their own data center or seeking a new facility. Compass builds dedicated, natural disaster resistant data centers for customers seeking 1-4MW of initial IT load capacity with the ability for future growth at a fraction of the cost required to build your own facility. Each Compass data center features our patented design and comes standard with a wealth of features including Uptime Tier III certification, a hardened datacenter structure, column free data hall, support for high-density 30KW racks, low PUE at all load levels, LEED Gold certification and over 60 personalization options. Your data center can also be located anywhere you need it and is delivered in less than six (6) months from initial ground breaking on a pad ready site. Sure you could build your own data center, but with Compass, why would you?

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