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We Build for
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Custom Move-in Ready Data Centers

At Compass, we build custom, move-in ready data centers in the market you need today and in the future. We have the capacity to support your growth and the flexibility to accommodate your needs.

Why Customers Choose Compass

The experience we’ve gained in designing and building more than $4 billion in data centers worldwide enables us to see where data center requirements are now and in the future. Our sustainable, scalable, move-in ready data center designs are customized to meet your specific requirements. Our hybrid colo model offers you flexibility and operational control.

Custom, Move-In Ready Data Centers Put You in Control

Adaptability defines our data center designs to put you in control of your facility.

Local, Remote and Edge Data Centers

Compass' EdgePoint is the data center you need to support your local, remote, and edge requirements.

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Enterprise Data Centers

Compass’ custom, move-in ready solutions provide a secure alternative to the public cloud or colocation.

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Compass U Insights & Resources


Since most people’s understanding of building construction seems to rank up there with nuclear physics, For example, CIOs have traditionally tended to let “other people on the team” deal with the details of their company’s data center construction projects. However, due to new technological developments and construction methods, it’s time for a little more hands-on participation.

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Compass CEO Chris Crosby and Dave talk about the future direction of Compass and the data center industry.

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For data center operators, 100 per cent uptime is critical. The global reliance on data is growing rapidly, and the complexity of technology implementations in the data center is increasing exponentially. To date, Artificial Intelligence has had some implementation in the data center for the purpose of power optimization, but now Compass Datacenters and Litbit are breaking new ground in using Artificial Intelligence for the purpose of reducing the risk of downtime.

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In the average data center, cooling accounts for almost 40% of the site’s power consumption, so doing things right, or wrong, can have big financial ramifications. Since we all know that “it’s the little things that get you” this white paper examines the most common cooling errors made by data center operators.

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